Top Pool Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Having your very own pool in the backyard can be an exhilarating experience. Now you finally get to cool off every day of summer with a lovely dip in the pool. Hosting fabulous pool parties can also be added to your weekend plans. However, once the initial excitement has worn off, you remember that you are now in charge of the maintenance of a pool! There are several helpful devices like in the market to make it easier. The experts at advice following the tips below to ensure that you have a crystal-clear pool that is enticing enough to make you take a swim anytime:

Skim & Scrub Till It Shines
A pristine pool requires skimming the debris and leaves off of the surface of the water. This needs to be done on a daily basis unless you want to look at a forlorn looking pool. The sides of the pool also need to be regularly scrubbed to avoid any algae buildup. Most experts recommend scrubbing once in two weeks will work to keep the pesky algae away. If you find scrubbing a bit hard on your elbows, try filling up an old sock with a bit of chlorine and let it sit on those stubborn spots. This will reduce the am9utn of elbow grease required to keep your pool crystal clear.

Use A Top Notch Filter
Many pool owners make the mistake of settling for a cheaper filter for the pool, which ends up requiring a repair before the month is out. The pool filter acts more or less like the kidneys in the human body. It removes all the impurities of the water .The filter basket needs to cleaned out at least once a week to ensure that the process goes ahead smoothly. The high-tech filters in the market also come with in-built timers that turn itself off and on according to the times that our have programmed in, making it easier to maintain the pool.

Consistent Chemical Levels
The chemical levels of the pool are important criteria to ensure that the pool doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria and irritate your skin and eyes either. The CDC or the Center for Disease Control states that the levels of the following six chemicals need to be kept in mind: Free Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Calcium Hardness, Acidity or Alkalinity and Total Alkalinity. When the chemicals are correctly balanced, it will leave a little residue on your skin and the water will also be crystal clear.

Shock A Cloudy Pool
If your pool has been used by a lot of people recently, there is no doubt the amount of bacteria in it. You can shock the pool by increasing the levels of chlorine drastically for a short period to kill all of the unwanted bacteria. You can do this by diluting about three times of the usually used amount of chlorine with water and pouring it using the pool return line. Then you need to refill the pool with water slowly. Since shocking the poll is deemed to be damaging to the pool siding, it is more than enough to do it just once or twice every summer season when the pool is in full use.

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